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This agreement is made between J.J Rodriguez, AKA One-Stop Party Professional DJ Services, hereinafter called ARTIST, and the above name typed into agreement, hereinafter called CLIENT. The Client agrees to engage the ARTIST and the ARTIST agrees to provide DJ services as well as additional services such as lighting and photobooth (if included in proposal).


the CLIENT agrees to pay $250.00 as a deposit for the services at the time of signing this agreement. THIS IS A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT! The remainder of the balance is to be paid no later than 6 days prior to the event. An online payment system is available for credit card payment. If client wishes to pay cash, payment must be made prior to the start of the event. If the engagement is cancelled for whatever reason, the following provisions will apply. If the ARTIST is notified of the engagement's cancellation more than sixty (60) days in advance, all sums paid by the CLIENT, including both the original deposit and any sums which may have already been paid, will be retained by ARTIST as liquidated damages to compensate the ARTIST for his loss. If the notification of cancellation to the ARTIST is less than thirty (30) days in advance, any outstanding balance owed to the ARTIST will become due and payable on the date the engagement was supposed to have taken place. If the ARTIST who is scheduled to perform can't because of illness or other mitigating circumstances, every effort will be made to replace him with another ARTIST of equal or similar value. In the event that any payment remains due from the CLIENT to the ARTIST after the engagement in question, those late payments will bear interest at the rate of 18% per annum, beginning fourteen (14) days after the date on which the payment was supposed to have been made. In the event the CLIENT or their guests suffer any damage through the negligence or misfeasance of the ARTIST, the ARTIST'S liability shall be limited to a return of the price paid by the CLIENT.


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